French Designing® provides prime interior design and decorative painting services to residents of the Washington DC metropolitan area. Over the past 20 years, we have transformed hundreds of residential and commercial interiors, building upon the needs and tastes of our clientele.

Interior Design

Your interior is the eloquent testimony of your taste and needs. However, your busy schedule may not grant you the time to delectably assemble your possessions, or to purchase the elements that support the unadulterated expression of your personality.

Our ideal is a welcoming home — on a mental and physical level — that is organized, functional, comfortable, set-for-living, and is the object of your pride and delight. Moreover, whether you would like your home to reflect the taste of our time, or simply be your own chic nest, we can provide the necessary guidance to attain your goals.

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Faux Painting

If you are unsatisfied with the appearance of solid colors, or wish to have a special room in your home with embellished walls, you are a great candidate for faux painting techniques.

Faux paintings — or faux finishes — offer advantages over straight paint by creating a unique look that can be rustic or luxurious, achieved with glazing liquid that gives depth to walls and a soft patina. Faux finishes can be applied to walls, ceiling, furniture, mirrors, screens, mantels, trims, and many more, enriching the ambiance of your home by rendering surfaces more precious and warm. Such wall treatments style classic as well as modern interiors.

Glazing medium can be ragged, rolled, brushed, combed "strie", dragged, stippled, applied with a spatula, a cheesecloth, a crumbled plastic or paper, steel wool or other instruments — our imagination is the limit. Glazing scum, or liquid, is applied through one or multiple colored layers of tinted translucent glazes, which can be blended, faded away, shaded or graded. Using glazes, we can imitate almost any natural material, or even invent new ones! Common glazes include wood graining (faux bois), stone, marble, malachite, bronze, steel, verdigris, tortoise shell, silk, brocade, leather, parchment, and many more.

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Canvas Paintings

Christine Barme Meyers began painting in her childhood, originally on paper and on silk. Since then, she has produced a large assortment of canvas paintings that are sold in the United States, Europe, Japan, and Mexico. She has exhibited several times in Washington DC and in upstate New York and has recently won two awards at the 2010 Montgomery County Art Festival.

Christine works on commission for private customers or commercial patrons, including offices, law firms, or children nurseries. You may ask her to depict your home, the ambiance or decor of your interior, or exterior, for a keepsake. Canvasses can also be commissioned to match a color scheme in your home, or to provide the completing element in a room. With watercolor, she also designs personalized stationery, invitations to memorable events such as weddings or birth announcements, bookplates, and more. Learn more about our canvas painting services.



Murals, or Trompe L'oeil, are large-scale paintings, depicting a variety of subjects including landscapes, objects, animals, or persons. The illusory nature of the representation serves diverse purposes and can achieve various effects: prestige, grandeur, surprise, illusion, or fantasy.

Murals bring solutions to countless architectural flaws; they can bring light to a dark corner, turning it into a cheerful or attractive spot. They expand walls, promote floors to precious materials or whimsical surfaces, and transform ceilings into azure skies that give an airy feel to a room. Walls, screens, mantels, doors, shades, inset panels, or even electric boxes can offer the appropriate support for hosting mural paintings.

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Throughout the years, we have accumulated an extensive knowledge of the characteristics of each period and style of furniture. We have a deep interest in furniture, and we enjoy transforming them with various media, the most common being paint and glazing liquid. On the strength of a restorer experience, we can also advise you on the worth of a piece and its potentials.

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